Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy -
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November 20, 2017

Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy

Sequence stratigraphy analyzes the sedimentary response to changes in base level, and the depositional trends that emerge from the interplay of accommodation (space available for sediments to fill) and sedimentation.Sequence stratigraphy has tremendous potential to decipher the Earth’s geological record of local to global changes, and to improve the predictive aspect of economic exploration and production. For these reasons,
sequence stratigraphy is currently one of the most active areas of research in both academic and industrial environments.

Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy

Author Octavian Catuneanu - Language English - Pages 385 - Publisher Elsevier - File Format PDF - ISBN-13: 978-0-444-51568-1 File Size 20.2 MB

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