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Januari 10, 2018

Introduction to Mineral Exploration

Introduction to Mineral Exploration - Since the first edition was published much has changed in the mineral exploration business. It has been through one of the sharpest downturns since the 1930s and the industry has become truly global, with many mergers and acquisitions of mining and exploration companies. Indeed, conditions at the time at the time of writing appear to have moved back to boom driven by increasing demand. We have tried to maintain a balance between principles and case histories, based on our experience of teaching at senior undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We have attempted to reflect the changing mineral exploration scene by rewriting the sections on mineral economics (Chapter 1) and the increased emphasis on public accountability of mineral exploration companies (Chapters 10 and 11), as well as updating the other chapters. One of the major areas of advance has been the widespread use of information technology in mineral exploration. We have added a chapter (Chapter 9) dealing with the handling of mineral exploration data. Although we do not advocate geologists letting their hammers get rusty, the correct compilation of data can help expedite fieldwork and improve understanding of deposits for feasibility studies.

Introduction to Mineral Exploration
Introduction to Mineral Exploration
Author Charles J. Moon, Michael K.G. Whateley & Anthony M. Evans - Language English - Pages 499 - Publisher Blackwell Publishing Ltd - File Format PDF - ISBN-13 : 978-1-4051-1317-5 Year 2006 File Size : 9.2 MB


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